The Romance of Problems

We all like to romanticize. No, not that type of romanticizing where we read Harlequin romance novel (and I use the word “novel” liberally here). I mean the romanticizing of our business problems. We think that our problems are ours alone. No other business, political environment or culture is the same at any other organization. […]


It’s the Data

No, not that type of Data. I’m talking about the data that allows you to understand issues, characterize problems, and derive solutions. Organizations tend to view solutions as “not invented here” so why pay attention? The answer is simple: if you can find a safe, proven and fully-explained solution, who’s the silly one to not […]

No Two Problems Are Alike

No other business has the exact same problem that you face at your business. Unlike the answers section of your math book in high school, there are no solutions that you can take an implement. While the search for the exact same problem — along with a solution — seem productive, it’s not. There are […]

Better Six Sigma Projects

Why Are Our Project Examples Better?

The project case studies presented on feature a Lean and/or Six Sigma project as it would be presented to a panel of company executives at the final project review. The objectives of such a presentation are to: Communicate significant results of the project Share highlights of how results were achieved, and Gain agreement to […]